Special Event

Eco Capri is here to help make your events unforgettable.

A Special Day

Eco Capri is sorry to tell you that we are NOT “party planners”… But we DO love a good party and are happy to provide you with support for your special events. Our small workshop production allows us to offer you, your friends and loved ones very unique gifts to enjoy both on and off of Capri.

Our options range from custom invitations to personalised scarves to goodie bags.
We can work with you to support any theme or idea that you have in mind.

Most of our production requires 90 days lead-time and this means that large quantities or custom items need to be finalised and ordered at least three months in advance of your party.

Please contact us to find out how we can support you with custom designs as well as provide you with special quantities of our current collections.

Custom Design Work

Being able to choose what you surround yourself with is a real pleasure and our Eco Capri team has helped “Capri Lovers” from around the world keep Capri near them wherever they might be.

With the right quantities and the right lead times almost anything is possible…

Our Wallpapers are hand printed in Napoli and we can produce them to your colours.
We sell our fabrics by the meter so that you can use them at home.
Our jacquard fabrics can be woven to match your colour needs.
Our needlepoint cushions can be customised with a variety of backings and pipings.
Our embroidered cushions can be ordered in any colour combination you wish.
We love new ideas and welcome them, sometimes even adopting them as ours the next year!

Please contact us to find out how we can support you with customisation.

Contact Us

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Capri (NA), Italy 80073
+39 081 837 4510